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Amal'l is released on December 5th by Inverse Records.


After 12 years, about a 100 live performances and some serious line-up changes, Autere is finally letting out it's first full-length album. "Amal'l" is a combination of heavy riffs, elegant melodies and dynamic rhythms. Representing the band's view of modern metal.


Anssi Rissa (vocals) 2012- other bands: Trespassenger, Carnalation 
Joona Alamäki (guitars) 2011- other bands: Damnesty, Black Sleep 
Petri Huhtala (guitars) 2005- 
Markus Virtanen (bass) 2003- 
Tatu Turunen (drums) 2003- other bands: Jacks Over Kings


Amal’l 2014 (Album)
Being Dead Is a Place 2009 (demo)
Seizure 2008 (demo)
Havoc Monology 2007 (demo)
Lines & Fragments 2005 (EP)
Autere 2004 (demo)

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Amal'l is released on December 5th by Inverse Records.

Lykaion signs with Inverse Records, a sophomore album out in February!


An Italian dark metal band Lykaion and Finnish metal label Inverse Records are pleased to announce their cooperation. The second album is called "Heavy Lullabies" and it represents a firm step forward compared to the debut album "Nothin' but death". The result is a perfect balance between scratching sounds and straightforward melodies who will easily stick in your head after just one listening, in a perfect range from ballads to heavier songs. Heavy lullabies is scheduled to come out in February 6th 2015 via Inverse Records.

A Lyrics video "Accept Yourself"

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Lykaion signs with Inverse Records, a sophomore album out in February!

Spiralism - "Chakras" is released December 12th by Inverse Records.

Spiralism - Chakras

2010 saw the formation of Spiralism, a group who marry psychedelic auras with a heavy and progressive execution. The bands efforts thus-far culminate into their highly anticipated debut album ‘Chakras’ which will see its Finnish release on December the 12th 2014. Following this, the album will be released elsewhere in early 2015 via Inverse Records (Demonic Death Judge, Albinö Rhino, Magenta Harvest etc.)

The album presents a unique soundscape in which the listener is challenged to compare to any other.

Front man Riku Kuukka explains:

‘People have compared us to many bands operating in same kind of frequency as us, but it seems like everybody has a completely different take, and I am yet to hear two similar descriptions of Spiralism! It is not us to seek to fit within a specific genre or phenomenon. The birth and development of our music is spontaneous, everything starts from riffs and evolves into our own music. This process gave birth to the band’s name ‘Spiralism’: A spontaneously created idea spiralling into a manifestation of our consciousness.

The word ‘Chakras’ and title of the album refers to the seven ‘energy centres’ of the human being. The number seven holds significance to this band, the album utilises riffs from prior to the bands formation, that have been evolving for seven years alongside new ideas, the album has seven songs containing elements from the Occult that produce atmospheric metaphorical and ambiguous stories. The result is a hauntingly beautiful sound worthy of concept-album immersion, which also has the playability of a track by track studio album.


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Spiralism -

Kouzin Bedlam - "Longing For The Incomplete" is released December 5th by Inverse Records.

kouzin_bedlamLonging For The Incomplete

"Kouzin Bedlam is a baroque painting painted in the colors of Heavy Metal. It is highly technical and deeply embedded in mythology; it is sometimes over the top, yet always lyrical and sublime. Its extraordinary qualities lie not just in terms of song writing and technical ability. In fact, Kouzin Bedlam is not just a band; it is a philosophy, it is a family; it is psychology and spirituality expressed in a musical extravaganza with surprising depths.

Carl Gustav Jung uncovered the archetypes dwelling in our collective unconscious. Our image of a great mother, the devil, God, the trickster and the hero all sit deep inside our minds. And then there is Kouzin Bedlam – the unknown twin, the uncivilized ”I”, we all try to ignore. The band’s debut album, Longing for the Incomplete (produced by Jimmy Westerlund), releases this being upon the conscious world. Kouzin Bedlam does its entrance in a blaze of virtuosic Heavy Metal, at times highly aggressive, at others bittersweet and melancholic. Lyrically it does everything from cursing its very existence to learning how to breathe.

As mentioned, Kouzin Bedlam has so far been unknown to the world of conscious human thoughts, but the members of the band are all experienced musicians, artists and doomsday philosophers."

"Longing For The Incomplete" is released December 5th by Inverse Records.



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Kouzin Bedlam -




It was created by Carlos Aravena Vasquez guitar and current choirs and Mauricio Barría Diaz, bassist present , who sought based on the doom style but something more technical , like a doom death metal , so as existed Ideas recorded digitally with time and through two years of which has been taking shape inhabitant lives and building our style.



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